Featured UK Publishers

We are pleased to feature a variety of new books from select UK publishers in our store – Swan River Press, Tartarus Press, Egaeus Press, Troy Books, and Xylem Books. Each of these publishers produce very fine quality, mostly hardcover books in very limited editions (100-500 copies only). A few signed copies of some titles are available, first-come, first-served. Signed or unsigned, these books are quite collectable due to their limited nature.

UK Book Imprints

We work directly with these publishers due to our shared interest in the sometimes natural, often supernatural, worlds that seem to come to life right from their pages. These books are not readily found in the US, and we are proud to have them all under our roof.

Shop co-owner Jon Mueller’s soundtrack is included in Swan River Press’ new edition of William Hope Hodgson’s classic novel The House on the Borderland. More news will follow this book’s arrival, hopefully by late spring.