Musician Laura Cannell

As we were working on the idea for our store, I always imagined the music of England’s Laura Cannell playing there. Now it actually happens! Laura’s music is not readily available in the US and we’re pleased to import her CDs from the UK to our little shop in Door County, WI. Some of them have gone out of print since we placed our initial order, so they’re even more scarce now.

Playing fiddle, overbowed fiddle, double recorders, sometimes percussion and other rarefied wind instruments, Laura is a young woman drawing on ancient transcendental and earthly musics. Her sense of space, dynamics and working with acoustics is super sensitive. Whether solo or otherwise she explores the spaces between ancient, traditional and improvised music, often utilising a fragment from a medieval theme to her own end in a manner that embraces the apparitional, historical or the otherworldly.

You can also read this interview we conducted with Laura over at our other site.